Areo I 18" laivas pumpis

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Areo I 18" laivas pumpis

Kayak hand pump ensures that the kayak is inflated to the desired pressure and ready for use. The double action hand pump means that the kayak inflates when the handle is pulled up and pressed down. The advantage of such a pump is the speed of inflation. Double inflation can also be switched off, thus adjusting the pump so that the kayak inflates only when the handle is pushed down, thus simplifying inflation.

The pump comes with universal attachments with which you can inflate various kayaks. It is ideal for inflating a kayak with more than one air chamber, as this will keep you in control and allow you to dose the pressure, which will keep the pressure in all chambers the same.


• Double action, perfect for kayak
• Five universal valves fitting are included
• Accordion-style hose stretches to 47" (120 cm) long
• Volume: 2 x 2000cc
• Peak pressure of 14.5 psi (1 bar)
• Continuously pumps air on both the pushdown and pull up of the handles for fast inflating