PIEPŪŠAMAIS KAYAKS Laxo 10'6" (320cm) Aqaua Marina

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PIEPŪŠAMAIS KAYAKS Laxo 10'6" (320cm) Aqaua Marina 

Passengers: 2
Max. payload: 180kg
Size: 320x90cm
Weight: 10kg

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Kayak Aqua Marina LAXO 10'6" LA-320 2022



Kayak Aqua Marina LAXO 10'6"is ideal for both beginners and advanced users for use on rivers and lakes. It was designed with a hard cone nose in the shape of letter V. The floor cover and top hull of side chambers are constructed of extra-strong polyester for great durability and rigidity. LAXO series come in 3 lengths (285cm/320cm/380cm), perfectly fit up to three people or provided a solo paddler with plenty of gear capacity for longer distance adventure.

Package includes: carry bag, 11" foot pump, 2 kayak seats, 2 kayak fins, 2 kayak paddles KP-1. 




1. Floor cover and top hull of side chambers constructed of durable polyester hull covers for long lasting UV protection
2. Heavy-duty PVC made side and floor air chambers
3. Flat bottom floor for generous space, outstanding tracking ability and great stability
4. Premium high-back seat with spongy cushion


Key features of LAXO LA-320:

  • The floor cover and top hull of side chambers are constructed of extra-strong polyester
  • Drop-stitch double wall fabric made floor of 7mm thickness
  • Multiple rubber carry handles for easy transport
  • V-shaped bottom floor for excellent tracking ability
  • Water splash guard bow with cargo bungee cord on both bow and stern
  • Multiple heavy-duty strap buckles allow adjusting seat position
  • Premium adjustable kayak seat with high backrest, spongy cushion and multiple storage pockets.
  • Durable Boston valves for easy inflation
  • Generous deck space for extra comfort and stability
  • 11-inch foot pump for fast inflating/deflating the kayak
  • Changes vs. 2021 model: Heavy duty shell fabric with special anti-UV AQUASHELL technology, eco-friendly digital printing technology with new graphics design, new kayak backpack







Model: LA-320
Dimensions: 320x90 cm
Max. passengers: 2
Kayak weight: 12kg
Max. Payload: 180kg
Air chambers 2+1
Drain Valves 1
Fins 2 kayak fins
Warranty: 12 months


11" Kayak Pump
Kayak Backpack (M)
2 Kayak Fins
2 Kayak Seats   2x Kayak Paddles KP-1