PIEPŪŠAMAIS KAYAKS Memba 12'10" (390cm)

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PIEPŪŠAMAIS KAYAKS Memba 12'10" (390cm) 

Passengers: 2
Max. payload: 180kg
Size: 390x90cm
Weight: 15kg

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Kayak Aqua Marina MEMBA 12'10" ME-390 2022



MEMBA 10'10"kayak was designed for recreational trips on the lakes and rivers. It's an innovative kayak, with custom-made rigid drop-stitched DWF floor and inflatable air chamber with long lasting UV protection polyester hull covers. MEMBA has a flat rocker and long waterline, which provide great tracking ability and efficient glide, allowing you to go straighter and faster on the water to cover longer distances.

Package includes the carry bag, 16" hand pump, 2 Kayak seats, 2 kayak fins, and 2 Paddles KP-1.



1. Durable polyester hull covers for long lasting UV protection
2. Heavy-duty PVC made side air chambers
3. Ultra stiff drop-stitched double wall fabric-made floor for being
faster on the water for longer distances
4. Premium high-back seat with spongy cushion 

Key features of MEMBA ME-390:

  • Durable polyester hull cover for long lasting UV protection
  • Drop-stitch double wall fabric made floor of 7mm thickness
  • Multiple rubber carry handles for easy transport
  • Rubber patch around the valve for premium look and better air tightness in harsh environment
  • High performance double fin system for excellent tracking ability
  • Extended water splash guard bow with cargo bungee cord on both stem and stern
  • Multiple heavy-duty strap buckles allow adjusting seat position
  • Velcro paddle holder design on the side tubes
  • 16-inch hand pump for fast inflating/deflating the kayak 
  • Changes vs. 2021 model: Heavy duty shell fabric with special anti-UV AQUASHELL technology, eco-friendly digital printing technology with new graphics design, new kayak backpack, new pump







Model: ME-390
Dimensions: 390x90 cm
Max. passengers: 2
Kayak weight: 17kg
Max. Payload: 180kg
Air chambers 2+1
Drain Valves 1+2
Fins 2 kayak fins
Warranty: 12 months




 16" Hand Pump
Kayak Backpack (M)
2x Kayak Fins
2x Kayak Seat
 2x Kayak Paddles KP-1